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Longlead Capital Partners is a specialist Pan-Asian long-short equity manager that prides itself on identifying investment opportunities inside changing business environments.

Longlead was founded in 2014 by Tim Campbell & Andrew West who developed their differentiated investment style working together at a multi-award winning hedge fund manager for many years. Longlead operates offices in Singapore and Sydney in order to facilitate regular interactions with both investors and companies from across the Pan-Asian region.

Longlead is 100% employee-owned and manages equity long/short strategies on behalf of institutional, family office and high net worth clients from all regions around the globe, who are seeking uncorrelated returns driven by a distinct and differentiated investment process.

The Longlead Founders are invested across the firm’s Funds to ensure alignment with investors.

Longlead’s Purpose

Longlead was founded with the purpose of delivering attractive, uncorrelated investment returns over a medium-term horizon to investors who seek exposure to the unique economies and companies across Pan-Asia. Longlead’s investment activities focus upon key markets including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia. These markets offer an attractive and diverse opportunity set and require specialist focus.

Longlead has been carefully built via an alignment of process, infrastructure and team to maximise the unique opportunity that Pan-Asia offers investors. The way we do this is both logical and tangible to investors, with a simple explanation provided under Our Approach.

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Thank you for your interest in Longlead. We have offices in Singapore & Sydney.

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