A low volatility, beta-neutral fundamental long/short strategy focussed on achieving attractive risk adjusted returns with low correlation to equity markets

The Longlead Market Neutral Fund is a Pan-Asian equity market neutral investment strategy employing fundamental, bottom-up stock selection. The objective of the strategy is to provide attractive risk adjusted returns over the medium term with low correlation to equity markets and to target independent alpha from both the long and short sides.

The Fund seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation regardless of movements in stock market indices, by both buying and shorting the stocks of companies that are primarily located in, or derive a significant portion of their revenues from Asia and Australia. The Fund also invests in companies located outside this region where the Manager believes they have an edge in identifying and understanding significant factors affecting those businesses. Investments are primarily selected based on fundamental research and may be held for periods from months to multiple years.

The strategy utilises procedures and risk limits to manage portfolio risks. Hedging within the portfolio is mainly via single stock positions. Risk limits are set with respect to single stock, net sector, net country and net fund exposures.

Longlead welcomes investor enquiries. On confirmation of investor status, further information can be provided including Private Placement Memorandum or other background information as required.

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