A moderate volatility, variable beta long/short strategy focused on achieving attractive absolute returns with low correlation to equity markets.

The Longlead Absolute Return Fund is also a Pan-Asian equity long short investment strategy employing fundamental, bottom-up stock selection and similarly seeks to achieve long term capital appreciation regardless of movements in stock market indices, by both buying and shorting the stocks of companies that are primarily located in, or derive a significant portion of their revenues from Asia and Australia.

In comparison with the Longlead Market Neutral Strategy, Longlead’s Absolute Return Fund invests in a more concentrated portfolio of Longlead’s best stock ideas and can at times express directional risk on markets and sectors. The Fund targets higher absolute returns and exhibits higher volatility than Longlead’s Market Neutral Fund.

Longlead welcomes investor enquiries. On confirmation of investor status, further information can be provided including Private Placement Memorandum or other background information as required.

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